Friday, November 6, 2015

Blogilates 90 Day Meal Plan

Heyy Ber,

So since the Blogilates Mini Meal images I made years ago are so popular I thought I'd post some other Blogilates meal images I had made up. They go to the Blogilates 90 Day Meal Plan. Follow that link, print out the meal plan, and use this printable sheets to keep you on track and to take grocery shopping! Theres a couple different backgrounds to choose from, or you can mix and match. Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2015

That healthy lifestyle tho

Hey Ber!

Wow it has been a long time since I've posted here, but it's definitely time for more.

Now Kris and I are living in Japan! As you can imagine this is bringing a whole world of changes for us, which you can read about on our travel blog here: K+K Away

Anyways, some of these changes have involved us adopting a healthier lifestyle, not necessarily by choice. There are tons of things that make our new lives healthy- from public transportation to change of diet and lack of fast food. During our time here I'll write more about the details of our new healthy life so maybe, just maybe, I can help inspire you to be a little healthier too. And of course I'll be bringing that motivational imagery you love and those easy recipes you love to create!

So stay tuned for more Hey Ber! And as a little teaser, here's a small selection of some of the delicious foods we've been enjoying so far here in Japan (with a surprise at the end!):

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Good with the Bad

Heyy Ber!
Today was an exciting day!
I started it off with my first ever yoga class! Oh my god I LOVED it.
It was like a workout and a relaxing massage at the same time.
I came out feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Then Kris and I hit up the farmers market. We got there a little late so we didnt have a great selection, but we did get some essentials- broccoli, apples, grapes and an onion.
Then I got home and had a KILLER salad I make from the salad bar at Zanottos-
all sorts of lettuce and spinach, chickpeas, edamame, zucchini, mushrooms, sprouts and avocado with a touch of Caesar dressing. Incredible!

And then for dinner on this healthy day... McDonalds! Crazy, I know.
But you know what? A little indulgence never hurt anyone.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Vegetarian Descision

Heyy Ber!
So in my re-inspired health focus, I have been thinking about becoming vegetarian.
The movie Forks over Knives makes some strong points for the plant-strong diet.
The animal-advocacy position never appealed to me- not because I dont love animals, but mostly because I feel like a small percentage of people avoiding meat will not have any worthwhile affect.
And anyways, if I'm not doing it for my own reasons I'm likely to not follow through.
As my "get fit" journey has proved: I may falter,
but when I remember WHY I want what I want, I always return to the task.

So one of the suggestions for people thinking of going vegetarian is to try a couple vegetarian meals a week and substitute your regular dinners with vegetarian alternatives.
My plan as of now is to eat without meat in my home cooked meals. When Kris and I cook I will simply pile any meat on his plate instead of splitting it.
And when I say vegetarian, for now I mean ovo-lacto.

Aside from possible health benefits, I think this could end up saving us money!
So thinking about this diet switch, here are some plant-strong pics!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back back what what!

Heyy Ber,
 Kris and I had the flu this week!
I've only had the flu twice in my life. Last time we got it from our then- roommate. This time we might have gotten it from work or family. Either way, it SUCKED.
Normally when I'm sick I hate to waste my time at home with rest- I like to clean the house or do laundry. This time I was so utterly exhausted I could barely sit up, let alone clean.
I'd take a shower and then have to take a nap to recover!

But it wasnt all a waste.
This flu has reminded me of how far I've regressed from my eating healthy lifestyle.
Today Kris and I hit up Sprouts for so fresh produce and health food.
 Its not like I went back to eating Mac and Cheese and McDonalds all day or anything. It was just the small things, like not eating enough fruit or salad and losing variety in my meals.

I've been losing fat and gaining muscle mass these past few months and I really want to keep up with that progress. As soon as I can breath deeply without coughing I look forward to picking up my pilates and lifting some weights. AND for the longest time now I've wanted to pick up running.

I know a lot of people are swarming the "get fit" train after the New Year. For me, this is more of a reminder of my lifestyle changes I've been following for the last year.
And, to go with this renewal, here are some more refreshing motivation pics!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Simple Salmon recipe

 Heyy Ber!
 I dont normally do this, but I just whipped up a simple recipe and I thought I'd share.

Simple Pan Fried Salmon with Bell Peppers and Carrots

You'll need:
1 salmon fillet
1 bell pepper
1 carrot
soy sauce
sesame sauce
minced garlic
salt & pepper

First, start cooking the rice.
Then chop the bell pepper and carrot into long slivers.
Toss those babies in a pan with some oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Add a lid, cook til soft.
Remove the bell peppers/carrots when done and toss the salmon in the same pan.
(Only one dirty pan, woot woot!)
Add salt and pepper and put the timer on for 3 minutes.
When thats up, flip the salmon and cook for another 3 minutes.
Make sure the salmon is cooked through- it should be light pink and flakey, not dark pink and mushy.
Now you could eat it just like this, or you could add this little sauce on top for some extra flavor:
Just mix some soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil to taste and spoon on top of the salmon.

This dish was fast, convenient, and really tasty!
Kris ate every last bite, and thats saying something for my cooking.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Heyy Ber!
I know I've been MIA lately... SORRY!
Soon I will not be so busy and I'll be back in action.
For now though... heres some real talk.