Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back Home- Mini Meal plan

Heyy Ber!
So I guess the mobile Blogger app is not so amazing and it messes up the order of my posts.
If it seems like me last few posts have changed order, they probably have.

Anyways, we are FINALLY home!
We ate a ton of bad food, and I started to feel like I was taking a huge step backwards.
But, now that we're home, I can finally start my diet!
I'm so excited for some simple, clean food.

And, believe it or not, I missed working out!
It makes me feel good on the inside- like even though I cant see progress yet,
I know its coming because I'm actively working towards it.

Alright, so here is the mini-meal plan laid out:

Feel free to print these out! I am.
And heres the original link to the Blogilates Lean Out Mini Meal Plan.

So remember the lean protein should be grilled, steamed or boiled.
And the vegetables don't have to be steamed, they can be fresh. I just love steamed veggies.
I'm basically aiming for chicken and broccoli as my protein and veggie and probably apples as my medium fruit.And I'm trading Greek yogurt for cottage cheese, don't like it.

And I think I'll grill all the chicken ahead of time and pre-package it in baggies at 4oz. each using our food scale.  The oats I'll be getting at Sprouts, usually a few bucks per pound. I might pre-package that too... The sweet potatoes I'll have to look up some easy-cook recipes for. Normally I'd bake it but I might have to cook it at work with only a microwave or toaster oven. If that dont work I'll pre-cook that too.

Anyways, tomorrow is my shop and prep day, cant wait!


  1. Hey!
    Thanks for doing this! It was very helpful! Well, I'm off to go shopping! =D

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for the lovely comment!

    2. Thanks, i've printed it ! I'm beginning tomorrow, so motivated!!!

  2. How did you go following the meal plan?

  3. I did well actually. Preparing food ahead of time makes ALL the difference in the world, though it can be kind of annoying. If the meals are ready to go there no excuse to not follow the plan! And every time I craved something not in the plan I told myself "It's only a week," or "just a couple more days" and that made it easier.

  4. How did this work for you? I want to start tomorrow..but seems like a lot of food! Haha.

    1. Actually its not too much food since its so spread out across the day. Its basically a bunch of small meals, and since protein is such a prominent part in each meal you never get hungry. For me, this worked out really well, since when I get hungry I lose all self control. This meal prevented that from happening, making it easy to stick exactly to the plan. The one thing that was super helpful was having your food prepared beforehand so all you have to do is grab and eat. So convenient! Thanks for commenting Paige!

    2. "when I get hungry I lose all self control"
      This is sooo me! Actually started today, and you're right! I haven't had the urge to snack all day! Thanks for your reply.