Monday, August 5, 2013

Blogilates Meal Plans

Heyy Ber!
Crazy diets get you no where and can even make you gain more weight in the end.
Here is a great resource for some healthy meal plans (not diets) that will help you the healthy way.
The website I follow for workouts is
The trainer, Cassey, has 4 different meal plans you can follow. I'll outline them below.

First is the 90 Day Challenge
This 12 week diet is designed to have you eating every 2-3 hours.
And you can work out as much as you want on this plan.
You have 6 different small meals laid out working on the fact that you keep your metabolism up and burn more calories all day long if you are constantly eating small, healthy meals. I will go into why that works another day.
She has meals planned out so that you follow one plan for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, then you follow an alternate menu for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
There are notes for other options and substitutions.
Once you build a routine with this meal plan you can easily make it part of a continued healthy lifestyle.
Food options include vegetables, fruits, salads, oatmeal, eggs, shakes and nuts.
This meal plan was used by Cassey as she got SUPER lean and toned for a Bikini competition.
Its very restrictive and is meant to be paired with intense exercise since it has a bit more calories than normal and lots of protein.
Consisting of mostly chicken and broccoli, cooking on this plan lends no added flavor to food and seasoning usage is restricted.
One YOLO (or cheat) meal is accepted per week.

This plan was basically a challenge for people to try out vegan eating for two weeks.
It features a lot of alternative protein sources with fruits and veggies.
With this 5 meal-a-day plan you can still work out all you want.

And lastly, the Lean Mini Meal Plan
This 7 day diet is designed to help you lose fat.
This is one 6 meal-a-day plan that you follow strictly for 7 days straight.
It features lean proteins and steamed veggies or fruit.
It makes up for lack of variety with its ease and convenience.

So I hope that gave you some basic info on 4 different meal plans to follow.
Of course you dont have to follow any of these specific ones!
But whatever you DO choose, please make it is HEALTHY, it nourishes your body and doesnt starve it, and that it makes you FEEL good!!

And if you ever want to do the Lean Mini Meal Plan for a week let me know-
I'll do it with you! So you wont be dieting alone.

Cassey from Blogilates


  1. Soooo I had breakfast this morning!! lol. I even added some milk to my coffee. So far I feel better than I did yesterday. I'm gonna go to the gym today, since I actually have the energy!!