Monday, August 26, 2013

End of the Diet!

Heyy Ber!
We did it! We made it through a week long diet.
For me, this is HUGE! I've never been able to diet. Not once.
And I'm glad I did it. I mean, I didnt lose crazy pounds or inches or anything,
but I got the satisfaction of knowing that I have the POWER, the ABILITY to control myself and my diet whenever I want! I'm not a slave to food.

So now that we're being thrust back into the work of eating whatever the heck we want, how will we hold on to the benefits that this diet challenge provided?

My takeaway is this:
-cutting out carbs and sugar wasnt really that hard because...
-when you feel full, its easier to say no to unhealthy cravings and...
-to feel full you need to eat protein in your meals and snacks
-eating without lots of sauces or condiments also not that hard 

So obviously I'll start integrating other foods (pasta, the occasional fast food or free pizza) back into my diet. But I will focus on keep some of these habits- like avoiding carbs, eating steamed veggies multiple times a day, and avoiding sugar whenever possible.

What did you get out of this diet, Ber?

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