Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grocery Shopping!

Heyy Ber!
Today we had a Farmers Market at the lightrail station by our apartment.
I only had a few bucks in my wallet, so Kris and I walked over there to find some cheap produce.

There was a small circle of booths set up in the parking lot and tons of people walking around.
Lots of the booths were farmers from local (northern Cali) farms. The produce was all about a week old- as in they were mostly still growing at some point this week.

Lots of places offered samples and OMG its like I never tasted fruit before.
Everything was SO GOOD! I'm not even a fan of strawberries, but the ones I tried were incredible! Same with the peaches, and nectarines and apples. Maybe its because they're fresh?

Anyways, $6 bought us all this:

Then to get the rest of the ingredients I needed for the diet I went to Sprouts.
First I checked out the Sprouts website for any coupons I could use and to see the deals going on.
When you find your local store and look at the weekly deals online you can click right on the flier to add featured items to a wishlist. Nifty!

And at Sprouts Wednesdays are double deal days- so you automatically get the featured deals for both the previous and current week.
Anyways, a Sprouts I got all this for $22:

Now I have to defrost and cook my chicken and pop my sweet potatoes in the oven. Woo hoo!

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