Thursday, August 1, 2013

Healthy breakfast

Heyy Ber!

Kris and I made breakfast today- sunny side up eggs with sausage and toast with some avocado. Heres how we did it:

First you have to make a funny face:

Now that you've done that, put some oil in some pans. Just draw a swirly. On the left we have an egg sized pan- I turned that one on medium heat. On the right is just a pan to cook the sausage- high heat. Grab a lid for the small pan.

Grab yourself some sausage.

And an egg. Crack dat shit in a bowl- no shell!

Once the oil in the pan is hot- it'll move around the pan like water and maybe sizzle- pour the single egg from your little bowl into the pan. Go slow and be gently- try to have the yolk sit on the whites and not touch the pan.
Now add a pinch of salt, set the timer for 3 minutes, and slap a lid on it!

Go ahead and toss your sausage in the other pan. Rotate the sausage every few minutes so you cook all the sides.

BAM! After about 3 minutes your egg should be done- remove the pan lid and slide your cute egg onto your plate. And add your saucy sausage too.

 OR if you want a killer egg-avocado-toast breakfast do this: Toast some bread. Cut some slices of avocado and put that shit on yo toast.

Slide your egg on top of the avocado- but do it yolk down.

Now break the egg yolk- spread it on your open-face sammie! De-LISH!

Aaaand if you're still hungry have some strawberries and blueberries. NOICE.

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