Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 unhealthy health foods

Heyy Ber!
I often watch Youtube while eating breakfast and today I found a really cool vid.
I typically dont like to just repost videos but I couldnt have said this better myself.
It talks about the top 5 foods that you would normally think of as being "healthy"-
but they're actually not doing you any favors!

Check it out:

So do you normally eat any of those (un)healthy foods?

I think this video is a great reminder that you just cant beat whole out-of-the-earth or straight-from-the-butcher foods. And when you are eating something with a label, at least check the nutritional facts AND the ingredients. Often times the nutritional facts can look fairly good- but man that ingredients list is full of processed chemicals that are just bad for you, no matter how few calories they are.

And at the end when they talk about junk food- I just wanted to give my own notes on that.
Basically what theyre saying is theres a difference between a "trying to lose weight" lifestyle and a "trying to maintain weight" lifestyle. 

Trying to lose weight is like walking up hill with a heavy backpack. You want to fill that backpack with light (healthy) foods. Each junk food is like a heavy stone added to your load. Make your burden as light as possible and reach the top of the hill sooner!

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