Tuesday, September 3, 2013

break it down now

Heyy Ber!
So our month of tracking BMI has ended, and I went from 22.6 to 21.56!
What I see on my body, though, is that I lost some fat and gained some muscle.
Its a small change, but its there!

So lets break down another internet food photo.
Today's photo is a quick and delicious snack:

This is a great alternative to chips and guac and can really change up your snack game.
It looks like we've got some carrot sticks dipping into mashed avocado with chopped tomato and onion. To season the guac I would add some cumin, seasoned salt, and a touch of either garlic or garlic salt. Tasty!
You can whip this up in a jiff and toss that in a lunch bag for a fresh/salty mid-day snackaroo.

A few months ago Kris and I decided we wanted to try to go 3 days eating nothing but mostly raw fruits, veggies, herbs, etc. No meat, light seasoning, and only healthy condiments.
It was pretty rough, but this one snack let us fulfill our chips & dip craving- it totally saved us.

And bonus: I found the actual recipe here, at Skinny Ms! Has a few more ingredients than I listed, and it has all the nutritional facts.

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