Wednesday, September 4, 2013

i do love eggs

Heyy Ber!
I have not always been a breakfast person.
Ok, actually I hated breakfast until this past year.
Dont know why, maybe my younger taste buds just didnt get it, but breakfast never tasted good to me, so even as an adult I just didnt try to like it.
And when I was younger eating before lunch always made my tummy hurt.

But! A few months ago Kris and I randomly went to Coco's for breakfast. Instead of getting my usual toast and granola, like I've been getting from Denny's, I tried out a traditional plate breakfast. Eggs- potatoes- sausage- with ketchup.

Suddenly my taste buds got their shit together and realized I LOVE eggs for breakfast.
 And yeah, I know eating yolks isnt the healthiest thing ever... but for now I'm goin with it.

Breakfast this morning:

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