Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Sacrifices

Heyy Ber!
As a teenager, with my great metabolism, I told myself I'd never sacrifice the foods I really wanted.
Now, as a twenty-something, I realize that needs to change.
I'm not so much talking about deprivation- its not an all or nothing take on unhealthy foods.
Instead, lately I've been asking myself what I truly want.
Sure, I CAN have a cookie- but wouldnt I rather stick to eating health, to reach my goals?
And yeah, I could get a sandwich from our favorite deli-
but wouldn't a salad be just as good and that much healthier?

This month's diet is next month's body.
I keep telling repeating that to myself when I'm met with choices.
And you know what, there might be an instance where I just frickin want the darn sandwich.
And then I'll have it. No guilt, no worry.
But if its not a big deal? Might as well go for the healthier choice.

Some of my goals to myself lately:
-try to avoid bread, pasta, grains, etc. as much as possible
-try to fulfill unhealthy craving with a healthy alternative
-constantly drink water
-more protein! protein at each meal!
-more vegetables instead of carbs like bread or rice

I've never been good at making food sacrifices.
In the past I've had horrible self control and weak determination.
But these things are like muscles and they CAN be strengthened.
I've been going on meal plans and doing short food challenges to work out these skills.
And i HAVE gotten stronger!
I can say no to sweets, I can substitute healthy options.
I know that I won't be "missing out" when I pass on pasta.

 Slowly, but surely, I've started adding in the good and weeding out the bad.
Soon, I'll be eating mostly good out of habit, without even thinking about it.

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