Sunday, September 8, 2013

My birthday

Heyy Ber!
I know it has been a few days since my last post. BOY I have been BUSY!
Work has just been nuts, school is demanding a lot from me, and it was

First lets cover my birthday:
Man this week has been a bad one (for all sorts of small reasons).
My birthday consisted of 6 hours of mind-numbing school, a one hour lunch break, and 3 torturous hours of work in which I did whatever I could before collapsing.
When I arrived home that night I didnt expect my day to get any better (I mean, it was already 9pm...)
BUT my hero, Kris, made my whole day better.
He made me dinner!

Thats filet mignon, alfredo pasta (my fave!) and broccoli. With some white zin of course!
He also had a HUGE box of cookies for dessert. I ate WAY too many.
And he bought me gorgeous flowers!


So since Friday and Saturday mornings were spent at school, I have not worked out since Thursday.
Plus I've eaten a TON of cookies. So after bday dinner with my parents tonight (and cake) I plan on getting back to being healthy.
Working out really does feel better. And I wonder if this sense of helplessness I've been feeling due to stress could be remedied by some empowering workouts.

(me yesterday)

And now its time to just forget about how crappy last week was and focus on taking
each day at a time.

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