Monday, September 9, 2013

the power of food

Heyy Ber!
So today I wanted to touch on the power of food.
First and foremost you MUST understand this one thing:

FOOD only has the POWER that you GIVE IT.

The idea that food is powerful is embedded in our culture. Comfort food has the power to erase your worries and fill you with warmth and happiness... right? And when you've been good and worked hard, you are rewarded with a cookie or treat, to encourage that good behavior- i.e. "Man it was a long work day, I deserve a little chocolate cake!"

I have certainly struggled with this a lot. Whenever I am stressed and especially when I am unhappy, I turn to food to feel better. And even more than just eating unhealthy foods, I need to each so much of them that I'm in pain from being so full. I turned to food because I was having an emotional imbalance, and mindlessly eating brought a numbness that was comforting.

But this is not a healthy way to deal with emotions, obviously.
Now I'm not going to go into how you should be dealing with your emotions instead- definitely talk to a therapist about that, seriously. Do it.
But as far as moving forward and trying to stop this unhealthy relationship with food... well its a struggle. A big one. A long one.

First you MUST realize that food is only as important as YOU let it be. YOU are in control of it (even though it doesnt feel like that now). This is all in your mind, and just like a dream, once you change your mind, you can change your reality.

So first, just focus on THINKING before you eat anything. Ask yourself how you are FEELING.
In fact, you could keep an EMOTIONAL food journal- 
write what you were feeling when you ate what you ate.
Take a look at patterns- did you eat some pasta or chocolate whenever you were sad? I do.
When you were happy, were you more likely to grab an apple? And how did you feel after eating? Did your pasta binge leave your tummy bursting but your mind numb?

Just concentrate on getting in touch with these feelings.
Get in touch with how you feel and how you want food to make you feel.

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