Thursday, September 19, 2013


Heyy Ber!
Get ready for lots of talkie and not a lots of pictures. Woo!

I think it was a little more than a year ago that I finally realized that I was not doing ok. I had been taking medication that prevented me from gaining weight. When I stopped taking it, I gained some weight very suddenly. For the first time in my life I wasnt skinny! It hit me pretty hard. And actually, it took me a while to see my body clearly and face the facts- I was bloated all the time, I just had more fat than before.

ANYWAYS, thats when I realized I didnt like this, so I decided to change.
And BAM! I've been eating healthy ever since.

Actually I started small. I started working out for about 20 minutes most days of the week. I was trying everything from Wii games to workout DVDs to just hitting the gym at random. Kris and I tried adding healthy foods (mostly more vegetables) into our diet at dinner. I tried to limit how many times we had fast food in a week. And that work go great for a while, maybe a month or so at a time. Then we'd have too much fast food a while, get sick of it, and go back to "healthy". I watched all the healthy eating documentaries I could find on Netflix and basically started teaching myself how to be healthy after a lifetime of relying on my high metabolism.

However, when school got busy or when I lost sight of why I wanted to change, I'd go right back to how I was living my whole life before. Which is normal!

If you've been doing things one way for 20+ years, you're not going to change that over night, or even in just a couple months!

Again, I'd have a moment where I realized I still wanted to strive for a healthier (ok, skinnier) lifestyle. So I'd eat healthier foods again, work out, yadda yadda. When I found Blogilates I found a workout that inspired me every day. I finally found a workout that I didnt get tired of, that was different every day, and that had me waking up excited to get STRONG, not just burn fat.

So as of now I still struggle with healthy eating. But I've come so far! I eat fruit an vegetables. I cut down on mayonnaise (gahhh I love mayonnaise!), I try to avoid packaged/processed foods and I look at ingredients critically. And I learned that I really like fish or chicken with broccoli as a meal! Though Kris finds that boring.

But after a year of changing my life, do you think I've lost any weight? Meh not really.
Probably shed a couple pounds of fat. Theres still a couple more I'm aiming at.
But whats more impressive is I've gained muscle.
My whole life, aside from being skinny I had no muscle to speak of.
Now, I do!
Kinda. They're small. But they exist!
And... they're addicting!

Like I said, I still want to lose those last couple pounds, but my new, more important plan is to be


  1. I found your blog through blogilates (I'm about to attempt the Lean Out Mini Meal Plan) and first, I love that you made a grocery list and assigned times to the meals. Definitely printing those bad boys out! But then I just started going through your blog and I love it! This post especially spoke to me. I'm exactly the same; I've always been skinny but with absolutely no muscle, and now that my metabolism isn't quite what it used to be I'm trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. I will definitely be referring back to your blog during the week for inspiration!!

    1. Thanks Erin!! Its great to know I can motivate! Be sure to check back in and let me know if theres anything else you'd like to see.