Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back back what what!

Heyy Ber,
 Kris and I had the flu this week!
I've only had the flu twice in my life. Last time we got it from our then- roommate. This time we might have gotten it from work or family. Either way, it SUCKED.
Normally when I'm sick I hate to waste my time at home with rest- I like to clean the house or do laundry. This time I was so utterly exhausted I could barely sit up, let alone clean.
I'd take a shower and then have to take a nap to recover!

But it wasnt all a waste.
This flu has reminded me of how far I've regressed from my eating healthy lifestyle.
Today Kris and I hit up Sprouts for so fresh produce and health food.
 Its not like I went back to eating Mac and Cheese and McDonalds all day or anything. It was just the small things, like not eating enough fruit or salad and losing variety in my meals.

I've been losing fat and gaining muscle mass these past few months and I really want to keep up with that progress. As soon as I can breath deeply without coughing I look forward to picking up my pilates and lifting some weights. AND for the longest time now I've wanted to pick up running.

I know a lot of people are swarming the "get fit" train after the New Year. For me, this is more of a reminder of my lifestyle changes I've been following for the last year.
And, to go with this renewal, here are some more refreshing motivation pics!

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