Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Vegetarian Descision

Heyy Ber!
So in my re-inspired health focus, I have been thinking about becoming vegetarian.
The movie Forks over Knives makes some strong points for the plant-strong diet.
The animal-advocacy position never appealed to me- not because I dont love animals, but mostly because I feel like a small percentage of people avoiding meat will not have any worthwhile affect.
And anyways, if I'm not doing it for my own reasons I'm likely to not follow through.
As my "get fit" journey has proved: I may falter,
but when I remember WHY I want what I want, I always return to the task.

So one of the suggestions for people thinking of going vegetarian is to try a couple vegetarian meals a week and substitute your regular dinners with vegetarian alternatives.
My plan as of now is to eat without meat in my home cooked meals. When Kris and I cook I will simply pile any meat on his plate instead of splitting it.
And when I say vegetarian, for now I mean ovo-lacto.

Aside from possible health benefits, I think this could end up saving us money!
So thinking about this diet switch, here are some plant-strong pics!

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