Monday, October 26, 2015

That healthy lifestyle tho

Hey Ber!

Wow it has been a long time since I've posted here, but it's definitely time for more.

Now Kris and I are living in Japan! As you can imagine this is bringing a whole world of changes for us, which you can read about on our travel blog here: K+K Away

Anyways, some of these changes have involved us adopting a healthier lifestyle, not necessarily by choice. There are tons of things that make our new lives healthy- from public transportation to change of diet and lack of fast food. During our time here I'll write more about the details of our new healthy life so maybe, just maybe, I can help inspire you to be a little healthier too. And of course I'll be bringing that motivational imagery you love and those easy recipes you love to create!

So stay tuned for more Hey Ber! And as a little teaser, here's a small selection of some of the delicious foods we've been enjoying so far here in Japan (with a surprise at the end!):

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